Christopher is a Thai guy I’ve met last January in Bangkok when I was on holidays there, thanks to a model/photographer social network. Singer and model in the thai capital it was a real pleasure to work with him for this photo session.

YGBK8588 YGBK8600 Breathe, Don't You Pay Them Any Mind YGBK8651 YGBK8661 Solitaire Buried in the Light It's Too Late, Always Has Been, Always Will Be I'll ruin you YGBK8892 YGBK8948 Day Will Come



I met Joseph  when I was on holidays in Bangkok last January and had the opportunity to do a shooting with him. When I first saw him I knew I wanted to work with him and I was lucky enough he accept to be my model for an hour. Here is the result of our collaboration.

Daydream YGBK9101 Daydream YGBK9077 The Way You Found Me Come Around With Me Feeling capable of YGBK9152 YGBK9139 Warrior YGBK9208 I can sell you lies YGBK9186 YGBK9174 Never Cursed Your Name In the dead of night, I’m the only one here YGBK9264 Young Blood Drowning

{Hong-Kong Melancholy}

Back in February when I was in Hong-Kong I had the chance to meet Ricky, a young model based in this city. Here is the result of our collaboration. Hope I will have a chance to work with him again one day, he really has a very powerful look that I rarely seen before. 0W7A01230W7A0151I Know You Care0W7A01610W7A02360W7A0297We Don't Talk Anymore0W7A04360W7A0554Fight the bluesFloating


Here is the result of the first shooting I did with colored powder. And one thing is sure, I want to do more of it. As it was quite cold on that day it’s probably the fastest shooting I have ever made: just 10 minutes. But I’m quite happy with the result even though I have to work more on the way to splash it on my model. If you pay attention also on the background you can notice I’ve used also some smoke. Well it was really and experimental shooting 😉0W7A0622 0W7A0629 0W7A0631 0W7A0640 0W7A0649 0W7A0664 0W7A0667 0W7A0675 0W7A0680

{Rising Sun}

In late October, I did my second shooting in the streets of Paris. This city is truly made for photography and I should use this amazing set more often. Anyway that’s what I dit with Masa, a young Japanese guy stopping by Paris for a week. Actually we were supposed to meet in august but as I was in Japan on that time while he was in Europe we had to postpone our shooting. As we were right in the middle of Fall, we made advantage of it to create a mix between a fashion style and a life style shooting using the city as a gigantic and free of charge set. Hope you will enjoy

MASA0051 MASA0086 MASA0104 MASA0137 MASA0221 Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year MASA0265 MASA0268 Golden MASA0380 MASA0414 MASA0441 MASA0464 Japanese Ballet MASA0497 Soleil Levant The boy in the Gallery MASA0613

{Innocence is Gone}

A month ago I’ve met Hank, a young guy travelling Europe and stopping by Paris for a week. He’s a really friendly guy and more over he’s quite cute. So I asked him if he was ok to do a shooting. He never had the experience before but was quite excited to try and happy that I’ve asked him. So I went to the place he was staying on a sunday and we worked on it for a couple of hours. Surprisingly, Hank was really confortable with his body and the idea to pose naked for me was not a problem. We had a great time together, having both a lot of fun while we were working, and I guess you can feel it in the pictures I’ve taken. So as usual, I hope you will enjoy this new serie of portraits.Innocence Is Gone HANK0122 HANK0242 It's where my demons hide HANK0284 HANK0288 Below My Soul HANK0326 HANK0348 HANK0363 HANK0372 HANK0388 HANK0399

{Things We Lost}

Few weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet Fred, a young traveler from Russia, and stopping by Paris for a month. When I saw him, the only thing I was thinking about was ‘My god, I absolutly need to do a photoshoot with him’. So I took a deep breath and found the courage to ask him directly. And I did the right thing obviously as he was kind enough to accept and to trust my skills. Fred got a really perfect body to me, skinny enough but still having some fine muscles, his face with his blond hairs is absolutly gorgeous and his deep green eyes make you keep watching the picture again and again, literally catching you. He’s the kind of beauty you know you have to capture when you see it. I got the chance to do it, and the result has gone far behond my expectations.

FRED5127 FRED5150 FRED5173 FRED5176 FRED5181 FRED5191 FRED5203 FRED5208 FRED5233 FRED5247 FRED5250 FRED5293 FRED5336 FRED5348 FRED5380 FRED5401 FRED5469 FRED5511