Back in July, my friend Kevin from Houston was back in Paris for a few days. We were able to catch up for only one evening but it was a real pleasure to see this little rascal 2 years after he left France. It was also a great opportunity to do some portraits as we were hanging around in this carnival right in the middle of Paris.

Hide and Seek Rivoli walk Ghost CHAO1015 CHAO1029 American Carnival Don't Dare You CHAO1168 CHAO1191 CHAO1213 Energy Never Dies CHAO1298



Christopher is a Thai guy I’ve met last January in Bangkok when I was on holidays there, thanks to a model/photographer social network. Singer and model in the thai capital it was a real pleasure to work with him for this photo session.

YGBK8588 YGBK8600 Breathe, Don't You Pay Them Any Mind YGBK8651 YGBK8661 Solitaire Buried in the Light It's Too Late, Always Has Been, Always Will Be I'll ruin you YGBK8892 YGBK8948 Day Will Come


I met Joseph  when I was on holidays in Bangkok last January and had the opportunity to do a shooting with him. When I first saw him I knew I wanted to work with him and I was lucky enough he accept to be my model for an hour. Here is the result of our collaboration.

Daydream YGBK9101 Daydream YGBK9077 The Way You Found Me Come Around With Me Feeling capable of YGBK9152 YGBK9139 Warrior YGBK9208 I can sell you lies YGBK9186 YGBK9174 Never Cursed Your Name In the dead of night, I’m the only one here YGBK9264 Young Blood Drowning

{Urban Indian}

Back in july I have finally done a shooting with an Indian Headdress with Douglas. It was something I wanted to do for months, the idea was really stuck in my mind. And I have to say the result is even better than what I could imagine. It is probably for me the best shooting I have ever made, or at least, the one I love the most.

Urban Indian #3 Urban Indian #1 Urban Indian #2 0W7A1308 Urban Indian #4

{Hong-Kong Melancholy}

Back in February when I was in Hong-Kong I had the chance to meet Ricky, a young model based in this city. Here is the result of our collaboration. Hope I will have a chance to work with him again one day, he really has a very powerful look that I rarely seen before. 0W7A01230W7A0151I Know You Care0W7A01610W7A02360W7A0297We Don't Talk Anymore0W7A04360W7A0554Fight the bluesFloating


Here is the result of the first shooting I did with colored powder. And one thing is sure, I want to do more of it. As it was quite cold on that day it’s probably the fastest shooting I have ever made: just 10 minutes. But I’m quite happy with the result even though I have to work more on the way to splash it on my model. If you pay attention also on the background you can notice I’ve used also some smoke. Well it was really and experimental shooting 😉0W7A0622 0W7A0629 0W7A0631 0W7A0640 0W7A0649 0W7A0664 0W7A0667 0W7A0675 0W7A0680