{Things We Lost}

Few weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet Fred, a young traveler from Russia, and stopping by Paris for a month. When I saw him, the only thing I was thinking about was ‘My god, I absolutly need to do a photoshoot with him’. So I took a deep breath and found the courage to ask him directly. And I did the right thing obviously as he was kind enough to accept and to trust my skills. Fred got a really perfect body to me, skinny enough but still having some fine muscles, his face with his blond hairs is absolutly gorgeous and his deep green eyes make you keep watching the picture again and again, literally catching you. He’s the kind of beauty you know you have to capture when you see it. I got the chance to do it, and the result has gone far behond my expectations.

FRED5127 FRED5150 FRED5173 FRED5176 FRED5181 FRED5191 FRED5203 FRED5208 FRED5233 FRED5247 FRED5250 FRED5293 FRED5336 FRED5348 FRED5380 FRED5401 FRED5469 FRED5511


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