Chromatherapy {Douglas}

I love photography. I take pictures almost everyday , either with my DSLR camera or my iPhone. Both are fantastic tools to express yourself, to experiment and try new stuff. I don’t really consider myself as an artist – not yet – but as far as i can remember it I have always wanted to be a photographer. It’s a kind of a hidden secret, something buried deep inside me. But as I wasn’t confident in my skills and possible talent I didn’t really try to do something. Photography was and still is a real passion, but I’ve started to work in another field few years ago.

But today I’ve finally decided to open my own blog and start to show my work. More than to just show my work i’ve decided to work more seriously about photography and try to do more and more shootings. At least, I will be able to show what i’m capable of and if some of you like what I do, it will be a blessing already.

Chromatherapy is a little serie started a few weeks ago. I just wanted to have fun and experiment new stuff. Here are some of the pictures I took with Douglas

DOUG2356 DOUG2372 DOUG2408 Chromatherapy #6 DOUG2484 DOUG2445 DOUG2381 DOUG2393 DOUG2362 DOUG2583


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